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Length, Width, and Depth

Our industry uses the inside dimensions for
measuring purposes. If you are measuring
an existing box, set it on a table so that it is
open at the top. Measure the inside size
of the opening. The longer dimension
is the length, and comes first in order.

Terrace Paper offers an array of products and services. Our in-house packaging designers give our customers a sense of security. We are the masters of our craft and can create unique and creative ideas that can help customers in their design process. In the packaging industry, often times, quantitiy of production utweighs quality of product. At Terrace Paper you have the best of both worlds. Our high-tech equipment and educated factory staff manufacture product at a very high rate with accurate precision.


Corrugated Shipping Substrates

  • E-Flute
  • B-Flute
  • C-Flute
  • BC-Flute
  • Micro-Flute
  • Single-Face


Product innovation and development

Our product innovation team supports your needs for product innovation and design for you, our customers.

In-house graphics

Our In-house graphics team has a full-service Macintosh lab with the latest graphics software. Capabilities include photography, digital editing, ad design, new design creation, re-creation, prototyping, renderings, identity creation, and market research.

Custom prototyping & testing

We make sure that each project is tested for superior structure and functionality.

Custom labels

High quality, full color labels are available, including 4 color process and coating.


We provide contract packaging and fulfillment services as part of our overall approach to managing our customerís merchandising and supply chain needs.

  • Display and packing kits assembly
  • Promotional kits and distribution
  • Dedicated fulfillment for the consumer packaged and finished case goods
  • Complete logisitic services direct to your customer